Are millennials killing motorcycles?

At the expense of an Avo toast, millennials are blamed for many things. Is motorcycles one of them. There are two schools of thoughts here.

Motorcycles have been an emotional (depreciating) asset. In the developed world they are not seen as a commuter but a luxurious (and dangerous) means to commute. So who buys them? Mostly baby boomers with enough cash to splurge on their pride and joy (mostly men). These boys then gather outside the side to ride through the hills and complain about how they don’t ride enough as life continues on.

Millennials don’t seem to be interested in an asset that’s risky, can be stolen easily and depreciates faster than an avocado. They also have many options. E-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards and all things e. Plus COVID-19 has reduced the need to travel with millennials always preferring work from home as an option. So can you really blame them?

What do motorcycle manufacturers or motorcycle renting companies think? The likes of Harley Davidson and Ducati have acknowledged and have altered there approaches - bring new smaller capacity, cheaper motorcycles to attract millennials. Motorcycle rental companies are struggling too. First renting motorcycles in places such as Sydney or anywhere in Australia is not cheap. Second millennials have a plethora of options to choose from and motorcycle rentals is not one of them.

There is some evidence (or rather science) that claims young people are interested in motorcycles. Millennials are cash-strapped, not high-income earners, paying all-time high rents and

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