Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does your credit check appear on my credit history?

No. Our credit check is only for us to see your credit score/rating. It does not impact your credit history and it does not appear as a Pass/Fail transaction on your credit check.

2. Is there a lock-in contract?

Minimum subscription term is only 4 weeks. You can cancel anytime after this period by giving us a week’s notice.

3. How does insurance work?

You have full insurance cover. We cover you for theft and fire to the motorcycle, third party property damage and cover for the motorcycle. Insurance excess varies based on the motorcycle, and will be stated in your contract.

4. Can I change the motorcycle in the first 4 weeks?

Yes. If for any reason you do not enjoy the motorcycle you subscribe to, we will swap it with another motorcycle based on availability.

5. Is there a deposit to be paid for the motorcycle?

A deposit is not required. We want to make it simple and easy for you to get a motorcycle.

6. What is the annual subscription fee for?

This fee allows us to bring high quality motorcycles to you without charging a heavy deposit. By paying this fee you have access to affordable motorcycles when you need and can simply cancel the subscription when you don’t.

7. Is my information safe?

Yes. We take information and data security seriously. Your riding and insurance history is maintained on google cloud servers and payments information is safe on Stripe platform.

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